South Central Health District of Georgia

The South Central Health District

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Children 1st

Children 1st is a free service offered by the state of Georgia. The heart of Children 1st is its tracking and monitoring program. Read More

Dental Health

The South Central Health District Dental Program has a clinic for school age children in Dublin, as well as a mobile dental trailer that visits elementary schools and provides dental sealants to prevent cavities. Read More

Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency Preparedness Office is working to prepare our community to effectively respond to public health threats. Read More

Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Section provides primary prevention through a combination of surveillance, education, enforcement, and assessment programs designed to identify, prevent and abate the environmental conditions that adversely impact human health. Read More


The Epidemiology Program strives to optimize the health of Georgians by preventing and mitigating certain communicable and/or notifiable infectious diseases. Read More

Family Planning

The Family Planning Program provides comprehensive reproductive health services to women of childbearing age and their partners. Read More

Community Health Promotion

The Health Promotion program is dedicated to encouraging Georgians to improve the quality of their lives by achieving healthy lifestyles, creating healthful environments, and preventing chronic disease, disability, and premature death. Read More

Heart of Georgia Healthy Start

Heart of Georgia Healthy Start is a locally planned and implemented infant mortality reduction project. Read More


Services provided within the district include a free-standing HIV clinic with infectious disease physicians to see patients weekly. Read More

Hypertension Management & Outreach Program

The Hypertension Management and Outreach (HMO) Program is a direct service and educational program available to adults with limited annual income or uninsured (no health insurance) with a primary diagnosis of high blood pressure (also known as hypertension). Read More

STD Testing/Treatment

Each county health department provides STD screening and treatment. Read More


The South Central Health District Tuberculosis Program provides case management for all clients identified with tuberculosis (TB). Read More


The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Supplemental Nutrition Program is a federally-funded health and nutrition program Read More

Women’s Health/Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention Program

In an effort to reduce the impact of cancer on the lives of Georgians, the Georgia Breast and Cervical Program (BCCP) strives to address 2020 Healthy People National Objectives by providing access to timely breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnostic services to eligibile women. Read More

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI)

Newborn hearing screening is screening for hearing loss. All babies should be screened for hearing loss before 1 month of age. The screening is typically done before the baby leaves the birthing facility. Read More

Injury Prevention

Injury is the leading cause of death across all fifty states. Many of these injuries could be prevented by people being informed about and practicing safe prevention strategies. Visit the links below to learn more about different types of injuries and responsible ways to prevent them. Read More

Babies Can’t Wait

Babies Can't Wait (BCW) is a program designed to help families of young children who are experiencing delays or have diagnosed conditions that may result in developmental delays. Read More

Child Health

For more information on Developmental Screenings and for checklists on what your child should be doing at different ages. Read More


Even though most infants and toddlers have received all recommended vaccines by age 2, many under-immunized children remain, leaving the potential for outbreaks of disease. Read More

Children’s Medical Services

CMS is a Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) program that provides or arranges speciality medical/health care services for eligible children with chronic medical conditions in Georgia. Read More