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Georgia is seeing  very high activity level for flu. Get your shot now! Flu vaccines are available at each of our county health departments.

To continue to track flu incidence visit /

In addition to the flu shot, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the following steps for proper hand washing:

  1. Hands should be washed using soap and warm, running water.
  2. Hands should be rubbed vigorously during washing for at least 20 seconds with special attention paid to the backs of the hands, wrists, between the fingers, and under the fingernails.
  3. Hands should be rinsed well while leaving the water running.
  4. With the water running, hands should be dried with a single-use towel.
  5. Turn off the water using a paper towel, covering washed hands to prevent recontamination.


The CDC also advises that hands be washed after the following activities:

  1. After touching bare human body parts other than clean hands and clean, exposed portions of arms
  2. After using the toilet
  3. After coughing, sneezing, using a handkerchief or disposable tissue, using tobacco, eating, or drinking
  4. After handling soiled equipment or utensils
  5. After food preparation, as often as necessary to remove soil and contamination and to prevent cross-contamination when changing tasks
  6. After switching between working with raw food and working with ready-to-eat food
  7. After engaging in other activities that contaminate the hands

Hand sanitizers are useful when your hands are not visibly dirty, and there is no soap and water available.  Hand washing is always best if possible!  Remember, clean hands might just equal fewer trips to the doctor’s office for all of us!


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