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Motor Vehicle Safety

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According to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Georgia had a total of 1,493 roadway fatalities and 115,797 roadway injuries in a total of 306,367 roadway accidents in 2008.


Motor Vehicle Accidents by User

Motor Vehicle Accident CostsSource: Centers For Disease Control

Prevention is key to lowering the number of Motor Vehicle accidents and preventing deaths. Visit the links below for more information about Motor Vehicle Safety and what you can do to reduce your risks.

Texting and Driving

No text message, website, or phone call is worth the risk to you and others while driving. Read More

Impaired Driving

Drive sober or get pulled over! In the state of Georgia, Operation Zero Tolerance is enforced to target impaired drivers. Find out how to reduce accidents and injuries by doing your part and not driving impaired. Read More

Child Passenger Safety

Here, you can find information on choosing the right car seat for your child, how to properly install the seat, and where you can have your seat inspected in Georgia. Read More

Buckle Up!

Seat belt safety restraints are the most effective from of vehicle crash protection. Everyday about 6,400 adults are injured in a motor vehicle crash. See how you can protect yourself and by simply buckling up. Read More

Teen Driving

Motor Vehicle accidents are the number one killer of our nation's teens. Teen drivers can become better drivers with some of our helpful tips and information. Read More