South Central Health District of Georgia

The South Central Health District

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Injury Prevention

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Injury is the leading cause of death across all fifty states. Many of these injuries could be prevented by people being informed about and practicing safe prevention strategies. Visit the links below to learn more about different types of injuries and responsible ways to prevent them.

Motor Vehicle Safety

According to the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, Georgia had a total of 1,493 roadway fatalities and 115,797 roadway injuries in a total of 306,367 roadway accidents in 2008. Prevention is the key to roadway safety. Read More

Prescription Drug Abuse

In 2010 alone, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Medical Examiner’s Office reported there were 560 Rx drug related deaths in the 152 of 159 counties for which it performs autopsies, a 10% increase. Find information here to help you recognize and help with issues of drug abuse. Read More

Suicide Prevention Resources

Suicide is a leading cause of injury death in the United States. While the older population is most affected, the rate of teen, young adult, and military suicide continues to rise. Get information on risk factors and prevention here. Read More

Bicycle Safety

Bicycles in the state of Georgia are considered legally classified as a vehicle. It is important for motorists and cyclists to both be aware of the laws and safety tips to promote a safe riding environment. Read more to learn about Georgia's bicycle laws and about bicycle safety. Read More