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Environmental Health

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Environmental Health


The Environmental Health Section provides primary  prevention through a combination of surveillance, education,  enforcement, and assessment programs designed to identify,  prevent and abate the environmental conditions that  adversely impact human health.

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Food Service Program

The goal of the food service program is to reduce the risk of food-borne illness associated with the improper storage, preparation and cooking of food. Read More

Rabies Program

The goal of the Rabies Control Program is to minimize the spread of the rabies virus in the human population. Read More

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Are you concerned your child may have been exposed to lead? Every county health department in the South Central Health District can provide a lead screening through a simple blood test. If someone has been exposed to lead, we can also help investigate the source and help correct the problem. Read More

Sewage Program

Through our sewage program we provide many services that help to protect public health as well as Georgia’s natural resources. These services include septic tank permits, repair permits, existing system evaluations, site evaluations, and subdivision plan reviews. Inspections are also required on both septic tank permits and repair permits. Each inspection is performed by an Read More

Non-Public Well Program

  Mission Minimize water-related illnesses in non-public wells.   Information and Services The Non-Public Well Program (NPW) provides a resource for information on wells ranging from installation of new wells, maintenance of wells and wellhead protection, sampling recommendations, to the proper abandonment of wells. In addition, the NPW Program provides assistance and guidance on compliance Read More