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Children 1st

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Children 1st is a free service offered by the state of Georgia.  The heart of Children 1st is its tracking and monitoring program.Through collaboration with local pediatric practices, Children 1st is able to monitor the health and development of every child enrolled in the program through
doctor’s visits that the child would ordinarily make. Children 1st sends periodic tracking letters to these pediatricians for each child enrolled.

Only when a pediatrician responds with a concern about the child does Children 1st attempt to contact the family. This system enables Children 1st to ensure that each family gets the resources needed for its unique situation without being invasive or inconvenient.

Who is eligible?
All children ages birth to five years who face situations that have the potential to hinder their growth and development.  These situations an be social or medical.

Why does monitoring help?
The early years of life are critical for a child’s development.  Monitoring programs such as Children 1st ensure that developmental and medical concerns are identified and addressed before children leave this vital time.  Early childhood monitoring and intervention allows at-risk children to reach school age healthy and ready to succeed.

Who can make a referral?
Anyone.  Children 1st accepts referrals from physicians, daycares, parents, and more.

What happens now?
After a referral is made, Children 1st will contact the family to schedule a family assessment.  This brief assessment includes basic information, medical history, an examination of family strengths and concerns, and a developmental screening.  This assessment usually takes place at the child’s local health department.  Once the assessment is completed, Children 1st begins monitoring the child’s health and development through their pediatrician.

What if there is a concern?
Medical or developmental concerns may be found during the initial family  assessment or later through the tracking program.  If a concern is found, Children 1st will assist the family in finding the resources they need.  If necessary, Children 1st will refer the child to other programs to receive services.
The programs include:

Babies Can’t Wait
Children’s Medical Services
Universal Newborn Hearing Screening and Intervention

For more information, please contact:
Phone: 478-275-6841
Toll-Free: 1-888-262-8305
Fax: 478-274-7893