Debbie Martin, Nurse mgr.
Bleckley County Health Department
152 North Eight Street
Cochran, Georgia 31014
478-934-6590 (phone)
478-934-8729 (fax)

Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday       8:00AM - 5:15PM
Thursday                                              8:00AM - 6:30PM   
Friday                                                    8:00AM - 12:30PM

Environmental Health                    Monday, Thursday, Alt. Fridays
Raynor Churchwell

County Board of Health Members

Mr. Robert Brockman   - Bleckley  Board of Commissioners
Dr. Charlotte Pipkin     - Chairperson                                                      
Mr. Willie Basby                - Mayor, City of  Cochran
Bill Shilling, MD             - Physician
Ms. Paula Bryant            - Consumer
Ms. Faye Bryant              - Consumer Advocate
Ms. Doris Harris              - Advocate for Needy, Underprivileged, or Elderly
Lawton Davis, MD           - CEO